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Cuphead: Wally Warbles Boss Fight – Aviary Action

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One of the exciting episodes of the adventure of a man with a cup instead of a head. Only the most experienced players who pay attention to details will be able to pass the boss level.


The main enemy of the funny traveler at this stage is a giant bird. Wally was once a prisoner of the cuckoo clock. However, the monster is clearly not ready to accept his fate and is trying with all his might to destroy the opponents that appear in his path.

The boss’s arsenal is quite large. The gambler will have to fear the following:
1. Eggs. The giant bird shoots these objects over long distances. The danger is not only the eggs themselves, but also the shell, which flies into the main character and can stop his virtual existence within one second.
2. Assistants. Wally is not alone. His associates are no less bloodthirsty chickens. However, they are easy enough to deal with. You need to dodge and again rush to the main enemy.
3. Rocket. At some point, Wally transforms. Instead of a head, a huge glove appears, each finger of which can become a rocket that can cause significant damage to the gamer’s character.

Carefulness and speed of reaction will help the player to cope with all the tests. If it doesn’t work the first time, you just need to restart the game.

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