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Plants Vs Zombies 2 Online

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  • Description
  • How to play?

Plants vs zombies 2 online – the game belongs to the genre of strategies. You manage a vegetable garden, subject to attack by zombies. You have at your disposal a whole army of fighting plants, thanks to which you can build an excellent defense and do not let the enemy into your territory. Despite the fact that zombies are very bloodthirsty, they can also eat vegetables if they prevent them from reaching their target. Therefore, you can lose your units if you let the enemies get too close.

How to play?

You have a field with cells. On these cells you can grow different plants. Sunflowers give you resources to grow, peas shoot at the approaching enemy, potatoes serve as a human shield to cover the others, and there are also mine plants and so on. You need to use the available resources to build a defense capable of stopping the enemy waves. Zombies are slow but hard to stop, so you need a lot of firepower, mine barriers and obstacles to slow down the enemy while they are being fired upon. Your task is to survive all waves of offensives. To do this, from the very beginning you need to build the right arrangement of plants, put peas on the most active places and don’t forget about mines.

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