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Vex 6

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  • Description
  • How to play?

Vex 6 is a game where you can fully test your dexterity. The gameplay is centered on jumping, fast reactions and dizzying stunts. You are waiting for a lot of deadly dangers, traps and other obstacles, with which it is difficult to cope with the first time. By practicing to pass the same section several times, you will be able to overcome even the most difficult moments. Each level has several save points, which helps you to concentrate on the moments that turn out to be the most difficult for you.

What is the game about?

Here you play as a little man, made in primitive graphics. He can jump on walls, push off of them, slip through gaps, and use special items located on the level. You move around in a large hub, which has access to various locations. On them you collect stars and other items necessary for advancement. Each location is a level with several checkpoints, presented as an obstacle course. To advance to more difficult stages, you need to fulfill all the conditions of passage to prove that you are ready for such serious tests.

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