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Terraria Online

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  • Description
  • How to play?

Terraria online – the game is an online version of Terraria. It is a large-scale adventure in which locations can be generated as the player passes through different areas. You are required to explore nearby areas, collect resources, do construction and fight enemies. The game offers a lot of opportunities, including interesting battles with enemies, which you can meet at different times of the day. In each area, the player will be waiting for different enemies, characteristic of a certain environment.

How to fight?

There are several types of enemies in the game. Some of them are found only at night, while others appear exclusively during the daytime. In the dark time you meet zombies and other sinister enemies. In the beginning you can fight with a simple sword available in your arsenal. But after collecting resources and passing further, the player gets the opportunity to create new items and improve. You will attack enemies at a distance with a bow and even firearms, you can use magic and other means. Gradually, the character acquires various abilities characteristic of a particular class, which you will need to choose later.

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