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Pizza Tower

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This video game has long been one of the most popular in its genre (2D platformer). It offers users a unique and fun pizza making experience. You take on the role of a chef working in a high-rise building, and your task is to create the most delicious and delicious pizza using various ingredients and techniques, as well as beat the competition. The main boss wants to destroy your business!


You have to overcome various levels, which are the floors of the tower. Each offers its own unique puzzles and mini-games. You will need to choose the right ingredients, cut them, prepare the dough, add sauce and toppings, and then send the pizza to the oven for cooking.


In the game, you will bring to life the story of Peppino Spaghetti, a brave pizzeria worker who defends his pizzeria from the sinister Pizza Face and his evil plans.

Pizza Face, known for his lust for power and desire to destroy all pizzerias in the city, is building his Pizza Tower in the heart of the city. His goal is to destroy competition and seize a monopoly on pizza. Peppino Spaghetti can’t let this happen and decides to confront Pizza Face.

You will go on an exciting journey through the various levels of the Pizza Tower, full of puzzles, traps and enemies. You have to use your skills to overcome all obstacles, collect pizza ingredients and unlock new levels.

Travel through the halls, kitchens and secret rooms of the Pizza Tower, revealing its terrible secrets and destroying the plans of the villain. Get ready for challenges including platform jumps, puzzles and boss battles to save your pizza place and bring justice back to the world of pizza.

Get ready for an exciting and fun arcade game full of humor, unique characters and delicious adventures. Be brave and help Peppino Spaghetti face the challenges to protect your pizzeria and become the hero of the entire pizza community.
The plot of Pizza Tower did not become the main focus of the process, since the main focus is on game mechanics and challenges. However, the authors wanted to present a common story that inspired them to create the game.
The application offers bright and colorful graphics, fun gameplay and a variety of levels and challenges that will give you a lot of fun. This is the perfect choice for pizza lovers and 2D platformers.

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