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Impossible Date

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  • Description
  • How to play?

A fun game that will allow the player to show their sense of humor and logic. The program is available online.


After launch, a large assortment of avatars will appear on the screen. The user can choose any. In the future, it is this hero who will have to pass all the tests.

After choosing a character, all that remains is to spin the wheel. It has several sectors with tasks. Which one will fall to the player is a matter of chance. After that, one frame from the life of the hero will appear on the screen. You need to help him solve the problem:
• give your girlfriend a bunch of balloons and enjoy the effect;
• uncover insidious betrayal;
• using improvised means to turn a fat woman into a girl with a reference figure;
• play a prank on your friend’s birthday;
• meet a ghost or a creepy mummy, etc.

The essence of the task is presented at the top of the screen. The player’s task is to guess exactly how he can reach the final of a particular episode. In some cases, the gamer gets a choice of several auxiliary items. In others, to achieve the goal, it is enough just to guess where exactly you need to click with the mouse cursor.

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