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Run 3

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  • Description
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Run 3 – the game belongs to the genre of runners. It is made with three-dimensional graphics, which expands the possibilities of the player during the passage. You play as a cosplayer, who relentlessly and without stopping running on the plane towards the unknown. He never stops, so you need to constantly give him a special direction that is safe for him. On the way will meet a lot of obstacles in the form of pits, crumbling surfaces and other things. The game is divided into several stages, differing in the level of complexity, the features of the route and the construction of obstacles. The farther you go, the more difficult the sections will be, but when falling into the abyss, you will always start from the level where you stopped.

Game Features

The main feature here is the three-dimensional space. Not only do you move forward on the plane, but you can also jump on walls or ceilings, causing the entire structure where you are moving to move. There may be safer paths on some walls. Here you not only have to keep track of the route ahead, but also look at three additional routes that you can switch between during the run.

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