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Where’s My Pizza?

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  • Description
  • How to play?

In this game you have to take on the role of a pizza delivery man. The main goal is to deliver pizza to customers in different locations, overcoming various obstacles. We must try to ensure that the order arrives in good condition and in full accordance with the declared list. This will be quite difficult, taking into account the characteristics of the route and the terrain in which you have to work. The player will be given various orders with delivery address. You have to find the right path to the delivery place, overcoming various obstacles on your way, because of which the pizza is constantly trying to jump out of the cart in which it is being transported. During the pizza delivery process, the player may have a limited time or a certain number of attempts to successfully complete the task.

Features of the game world

The game has a fairly simple design, but there is also a plot with development. At each stage, the tasks progressively become more complicated. In each series of levels, there is an opportunity to earn bonuses and upgrades for your character or delivery vehicle. You will also have to periodically meet with the boss, who will evaluate your work.

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