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Purble Place

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A product that can be considered a classic at the moment. Despite its solid “age”, the game is still popular with fans of various genres of computer entertainment.


The graphics deserve special attention. Clear lines, nice colors, funny characters. All this will make the game process as enjoyable as possible.

Another feature of this mini-entertainment is the choice. The following modes are available to the player:
1. Find a couple. Several cards will appear on the screen, which are arranged face down. You need to find pairs and thus win.
2. Guess the costume. A curtain will appear in front of gamers, which hides one of the characters in the game. We need to determine exactly what it looks like. To do this, the player just needs to choose a headdress, the shape of the eyes, nose, lips, etc.
3. Confectionery. We need to make a special cake. Tasks appear before the start of the round.

The game will not be able to bore even the most sophisticated fan of the genre. Each mode has several difficulty levels. For example, in the “find a pair” format, you can start with 4 or 6 elements, etc. It is enough for the player to go through training and test his logic and sense of humor in practice.

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