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Cat Mario

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  • Description
  • How to play?

The game will surely appeal to fans of fluffy cats and classic arcade games. The basis for this product was the adventures of the world famous and loved by many Super Mario Bros.


The graphics are familiar to all fans of the genre and will not cause difficulties even for a beginner. Navigation is simple. The player will only need attention and speed of reaction.

The only significant difference from the original is the main character. In this case, a white cute cat will have to overcome obstacles.

After starting, the main character will appear on the screen. It can be controlled using the arrows on the keyboard. In the virtual space, the cat will not be alone. Immediately after starting, the gamer can see several enemies that are measuredly heading towards the white cat. You just need to jump over them and move on.

As in the original game, the user can not only move around the playing field, but also collect coins. It is not necessary to puzzle over the location of the “treasures”. The developers have placed a lot of tips. It is enough to pay attention to the question mark and jump under the indicated block, etc. Points are accumulated and affect the position of the player in the overall standings.

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