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Night Of The Consumers 2

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A horror game with the introduction of humorous components that allows the player to experience all the horrors of working in a shopping center. In the game, the player will take on the role of a store employee and manage a number of tasks related to customer service. It can be both terrifying and quite funny, depending on the specific situation. The main goal of the game is to serve the maximum number of customers, meeting their requirements and satisfying their needs. However, the game shows a caricatured and creepy version of the day-to-day situations involved in working in retail. Enemies, known as “consumers”, are presented in a fearsome manner and may stalk the player, creating a tense and menacing atmosphere.

Don’t stand still to survive!

The game contains various levels where the player has to work in different sections of the mall such as the grocery store, clothing and more. The player must deal with catastrophic situations such as water leaks or fires and continue to serve customers in order to survive. The game is a fantastic and fun way to go behind the counter into the realities of working in a retail environment and experience some of its humor and horror pieces.

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