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Toca Life Adventure

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  • Description
  • How to play?

Toca life adventure is a two-dimensional runner, based on the universe of Toca life. Here the player will have to go on an adventure together with one of the characters of the famous game series, passing through industrial locations, bypassing the obstacles placed there. According to the classic rules of the genre, your character does not stop, and you can control him only by jumping. With such a small number of opportunities, the player needs to lead the hero through pits, chasms, spikes, attacking wasps and other obstacles. The path will not be easy, but you can try to pass it as many times as you want until you bring the hero to the designated goal.

Character Controls

Despite the fact that everything is controlled by a single button, you have several opportunities to influence the gameplay. If you collide with spikes or hit a chasm, the hero always dies, but if you just bump into an obstacle, he will stay alive. This allows you to delay the jump time in some areas. Another feature of the control is the ability to double jump in particularly difficult moments. Sometimes you’ll need to jump hard in advance to avoid hitting a tricky trap.

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