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FNAF Security Breach RUIN

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The game is a third-person team shooter based on the popular Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise. This markedly distinguishes the game from the rest of the series. The main storyline is related to what is inside a large amusement park. It is here that strange and mysterious events begin to occur again. The player will have to take on the role of a security guard and figure out what is happening, as well as escape from dangerous mechanical robotic puppets known as animatronics. The game features various levels and tasks, as well as new characters and secrets related to the history of the franchise. The main goal of the game is to survive and solve the mystery surrounding the complex you are in.


Unlike previous games in the FNAF series, in this game the hero is given the freedom to move around the building. As before, the main goal of the player will be survival in a hostile environment, where any collision with the enemy ends in death. The main enemy is still the same – animatronics, from which you can now shoot back. The game turned out to be quite dynamic and exciting. You have to explore different areas of the complex, collect indicators to unlock new levels and try your luck on the way to salvation.

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