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Papa’s Mocharia To Go!

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  • Description
  • How to play?

Collect a wide range of recipes and feed the customers of the establishment. An unusual business simulator is available to all owners of modern gadgets online.


The main character is Papa Louie. He makes a strong-willed decision to open a new coffee shop in his hometown. On the menu, visitors can see unusual, multi-layered drinks. The task of the gamer is to quickly prepare the appropriate recipe and serve it to the customer.

A feature of the game is not only a large selection of drinks, but also the ability to change the assortment in accordance with the season, holiday date, etc. The barista, which will be controlled by the user, must choose the right ingredients and perform the appropriate preparation (frozen milk, brew a quality espresso, etc.).

Gamers will not “fight” with a crowd of hungry visitors alone. He can at any time use the special units that are installed in the coffee shop.

The player can significantly expand the target audience. To do this, just choose the appropriate dye or other interesting additive. How exactly to use it and for whom is a decision that the fan of simulators will have to make on their own.

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