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Cuphead Rush

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  • Description
  • How to play?

A classic arcade game that fans of the genre will surely enjoy. Simply launch the program online and immerse yourself in an exciting adventure.


The main character is a man with a cup instead of a head. After launch, the beginner will have to start his difficult journey from the very first (simple level). Whether the gamer will be able to reach the final stage depends on the speed of his reaction and ingenuity.

Management is simple. Simply using the mouse is enough. The character does not stop for a second, and moves forward all the time. Unexpected dangerous obstacles appear on his way:
• bottomless abysses;
• insidious birds;
• “live” stones;
• bloodthirsty plants, etc.

To overcome them, just click on the mouse button and jump over the obstacle. It is important to take this action on time. If you hurry – during the jump, the character may encounter an unfriendly bird and you will have to start the round from the very beginning.

While traveling through the virtual colorful world, the hero will have to accumulate special coins. Collecting them is pretty easy. It is necessary at a certain moment to jump onto a mushroom cap balancing in the air or run under it. The number of coins that can be credited to the account depends on the attentiveness of the player.

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