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Good Pizza, Great Pizza

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  • How to play?

The plot of the game is that the player plays the role of a young chef in a pizzeria. He gets the opportunity to run his own catering establishment. Various clients come to him, and his task is to prepare delicious pizzas for them and provide good service.


At the beginning of the game, the player has a limited number of ingredients and recipes. With the passage of time and progress in the game, he can unlock new ingredients, recipes, and equipment to improve his restaurant. The player must carefully follow the orders of customers and prepare pizzas according to their preferences. Some clients may have allergies or dietary restrictions, so the player must be aware of these requirements. A caring attitude towards customers and high quality products will help you gain more satisfied customers and get good reviews. Every day the player faces new challenges and difficulties, such as limited time to fulfill orders, a large flow of customers or complex recipes that require specific ingredients and cooking techniques. You must use your time management and business skills to meet these challenges and grow your pizzeria.

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