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Papa’s Burgeria

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Great entertainment for people who want to diversify a work break or fill a pause during a trip. All the player needs is internet access and a modern computer device.


At the very beginning, the player can choose an avatar with which he will interact during the game. After that, the user will be shown a video, which is the background.

After that, the character immediately goes to his workplace. The first visitor places an order. Customers describe in detail their preferences (components of the dish). The task of the gamer is to arrange them in the correct sequence. If everything is done correctly, the client will leave full and satisfied. The institution’s budget, in turn, will be automatically replenished.
Even a simple burger is not so easy to cook. It is important to remember not only the correct location of the “levels”, but also to correctly approach the process of preparing the ingredients. In particular, we are talking about slicing vegetables, as well as grilling meat. If you miss the right moment, instead of a juicy cutlet, the gamer will get an unappetizing coal. Over time, the user will learn all the features of the gameplay and will be able to easily satisfy the needs of even the most demanding visitor.

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