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Pizza Tower 2

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Welcome to the exciting world of Pizza Tower 2! In this sequel to the cult game, you will plunge into exciting adventures again and become the main character saving the world of pizza!

You take on the role of a brave chef who must overcome numerous challenges to deliver fresh and tasty pizza to his hungry customers and beat the competition. Embark on a journey through a variety of locations, including bustling city streets, picturesque beaches and mysterious caves.

But be prepared for challenges! A variety of obstacles await you – labyrinths, puzzles, opponents and traps that will stand in your way. You will also have to defeat new bosses who want to destroy your business. Use your 2D platform game skills, reactions and strategies to overcome all obstacles.


Embark on an exciting adventure with platforming levels, puzzles and fast-paced boss battles. The variety of mechanics and challenges will keep you interested and engaged throughout the game.

Also waiting for you:
● Variety of levels. Explore the different zones of the Pizza Tower, each offering unique locations, puzzles and obstacles. Travel through kitchens, halls, and secret chambers as you uncover the secrets of the Tower and overcome all challenges along the way.
● Collecting ingredients. Collect various pizza ingredients scattered throughout the levels. The more ingredients you collect, the more variety of dishes you can cook and unlock new levels. Remember that choosing the right ingredients can give you an advantage in battles against enemies and bosses.
● Funny characters. Meet a variety of characters who will bring the game world to life. Meet Peppino Spaghetti, sinister bosses and other unique and funny characters, each with their own personality and history.
● Stylish Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in a colorful and colorful platform game world, decorated in a unique pixel art style. Enjoy colorful scenery, detailed sprites and pleasant music that creates an atmosphere of adventure and fun.

Pizza Tower-2 offers addictive game mechanics, colorful graphics and a compelling storyline that will keep you coming back for more adventures. Gradually unlock new levels, get rewards and improve your skills to become a real pizza master.

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